Synapse III & IV

synapse - burgess_thumb.jpg The striking pair of paintings are 5’ by 4’ with contrasting black on white and white images. The artist’s inspiration for the title of his intriguing diptych was in part the actual definition of the term “synapse” - the point of contact between adjacent neurons where nerve impulses are transmitted from one to another. He explains: “This, consisting of two parallel or contrasting parts, is representative of a thriving, dynamic community with a sense of a forward-thinking vision, looking to the future both evolving and stimulating.”
Mr. Burgess works primarily with acrylics and oils using vibrancy of color and texture to explore emotion and introspection with freedom of line, color and flow. In these two pieces the juxtaposition of black on white and white on black evokes both power and force. The paint is layered in four separate steps: dry, wet and wet on wet (two separate layers). The result is a feeling of spontaneity.

Artist: Ron Burgess, 2011.
Location: Municipal Services Building, 33 Arroyo Drive.