Pictorial History of South San Francisco

This mural displays the pictorial history of South San Francisco from 1835 to 1985. Commencing in 1980, the series of murals were the result of a project titled “Paint the Town,” initiated by the SSF Downtown Merchants Association wishing to illustrate South San Francisco’s proud heritage. Mural 1 depicts Grand Avenue, as it appeared form 1835 to 1892, a grazing area for cattle. Mural 2 (1892-1935) signs of growth and trolley tracks are illustrated. On Mural 3 (1935-1975) there are more buildings as the community grew with the expansion of industry. And on Mural 4 (1975-On to the Future) the viewer’s direction is reversed to look east towards the then newly constructed freeway overpass and the Pacific International Business Center and the area then slated for future growth.

Artist: Carlota Espinoza, 1985. 
Location: East wall of the Metropolitan Hotel, 220 Linden Avenue.