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modwalls® Viridian™ glass mosaic tile: It's Beautiful, Colorful and Sustainable.

Introducing modwalls® Viridian™ recycled glass mosaic tile. Made of 98% pre-consumer recycled glass, this gorgeously green product is not only kind to the environment; it will enhance your environment. Viridian™ is made of reclaimed windows from old buildings and manufacturing waste from window and windshield production. Introduced at the 2008 West Coast Green Show House, Viridian™ is now available for your home. modwalls® Viridian™ recycled glass tile is available in a variety of colors and 2 styles, and it is ideal for walls and low traffic floors (both indoor and out), including wet areas. Architectural quantities are usually in stock and ready to ship. Visit for details or feel free to call our toll free number (877) 439-9734.