Water Usage & Heating

 Water Usage & Heating by Cal Pacific Hydronics


Cal Pacific Hydronics provided and installed tankless water heating and hydronic radiant heating in the bedrooms and hallway. They also provided a solar hot water system and storage tank, energy efficient toilet and additional fixtures.

During the past two decades the demand for water for our homes, industry and agriculture has been steadily increasing and forecasts suggest that this upward trend will continue and this, together with the effects of global warming and the climatic uncertainties of the future, increase the need to conserve and carefully manage our water supplies.

What is a tankless hot water heater?
Tankless hot water heaters heat water only as it is used, or on demand. Therefore they save energy and money. Water heating accounts for 20% or more of an average household’s annual energy expenditures. The yearly operating costs for conventional gas or electric storage tank water heaters average $200 or $450, respectively. Storage tank-type water heaters have "standby losses": the heat conducted and radiated from the walls of the tank—and in gas-fired water heaters—through the flue pipe. These standby losses represent 10% to 20% of a household’s annual water heating costs.

What is radiant heat?
A radiant heating system circulates hot water through pipes in your floor, dispersing the heat and gently warming you and your home.

What is an energy efficient toilet?
The typical home toilet uses 30 - 40% of total household water use, and even more in commercial premises, so the potential for water saving is huge. Reducing the water use of conventional toilets can make them fairly ineffective and unhygienic. Ultra-efficient toilets are specifically designed to operate effectively at low flush volumes, and are by far the best solution for reducing toilet water use