Solar Panels

 Roof-mounted Solar Panels, by Dave Nolan & team of Belenus Solar
Dave and his team provided and installed a 1.Z KW Evergreen Solar Array panel with the intention that in 2010, when a family moves in to this home, 65% of their electricity will be solar powered. Their goal is to help families become their own energy provider, thereby reducing or eliminating their reliance on a utility company and fossil fuels.

Solar Power lowers your utility bills.
By being your own power provider, not only will you reduce your bills, you'll also enjoy a hedge against future rate hikes. And in most states, you can sell your surplus electricity back to the utility, generating a credit on your bill.

Government rebates pay towards the installation of your Solar System.
These rebates are significant and cover 20% - 30% of the system cost. Residential systems are also eligible for a further $2000 tax credit.

Solar Power is good for the environment.
Using clean, renewable energy helps protect our environment and reduces our usage of fossil fuels.