Energy Analysis

Tommy conducted two specific tests: the Blower Door Test to determine how much air is escaping through the house shell, and thermal imagery throughout the house which revealed hidden problem areas.

Problems Found:

  • Estimated air leakage equivalent to a 24” window open 12”
  • Furnace Efficiency: 50%
  • Air separated into thermal layers resulting in discomfort such as being cold while seated, and cold floors
  • Cold spots behind walls
Solutions Undertaken or Recommended:

  • Windows, if not upgraded, to be weather-stripped and caulked
  • Thermally-lined curtains to help control heat gain and loss
  • New kitchen fan
  • Weather strip door to garage
  • Add a ceiling fan to mix the air
  • Replace inefficient wall-mounted furnace with a ducted HVAC system or high-efficiency fireplace insert
  • Add insulation if a remodel is undertaken which reveals the studs
  • Attic vents should be baffled to keep cold/hot air off the ceiling and protect the integrity of the insulation
  • In new construction, seal top and bottom plates and corners with caulk or putty
Possible Savings:
70 therms of gas saved per year
$1.25 per therm / 0.50% furnace efficiency = $175 savings per year