Sponsor - City of South San Francisco

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 The City of South San Francisco
Economic and Community Development Department 

Housing and Community Development Division
(650) 829-6620

The City of South San Francisco had a vision to transform one of its vacant properties into a healthier, energy-efficient home to demonstrate to local homeowners just how easy it is to make green home improvements. While other organizations build multi-million dollar homes to show case green building techniques, the City, along with its many partners, focused on a regular, 3-bedroom home.

About the location of the house... most Bay area locals recognize the Hollywood-style letters on the hills south of San Francisco that proclaim: "South San Francisco: The Industrial City". The profile of this area has changed dramatically over the past three decades and has moved from its industrial roots to become the world's biotechnology capital. Many other things about our society have changed as well, and that includes an increased awareness about the environment and the use of our natural resources. As energy costs continue to rise, South San Francisco has placed a premium on helping the community make better choices for both their wallets and our planet.