World History and Geography

A database contains information from magazines, newspapers, encyclopedias and reference books. If your teacher asks you not to use the internet, you can still use these databases. Want to know more about databases?

History Resource Center: World
People, Places, Things, and Events in World History

Student Resource Center - Gold
Covers biography, history, literature, and science.

Best of History
A collection of history websites, organized by period.

CIA World Factbook
Information about nations of the world, kept up-to-date by the CIA.


A wiki providing access to websites on European History, sorted by country.

History World

Hundreds of articles on World History, along with searchable timelines.

National Geographic
Articles and photos on fascinating topics from all over the world. Check out their map collection, too.

Timeline of Art History

The Metropilitan Museum of Art offers an in-depth timeline on world art that is filled with images.