Sister Cities

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        Elaine Garbarino
        400 Avalon Drive
        South San Francisco, CA 94080
        (650) 872-1143

        Frank McAuley, President 
        (650) 588-8591
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      About Sister Cities International
      The Sister City Program began in 1956 when President Dwight D. Eisenhower initiated the People-to-People Program.

      Sister Cities International (SCI) is a nonprofit citizen diplomacy network creating and strengthening partnerships between the United States and international communities in an effort to:
      • Increase global cooperation at the municipal and city level
      • Promote cultural understanding
      • Stimulate economic development
      SCI leads the movement for local community development and volunteer action by motivating and empowering private citizens, municipal officials, educators, and business leaders to conduct long-term programs of mutual benefit.