History and Social Studies

A database contains information from magazines, newspapers, encyclopedias and reference books. If your teacher asks you not to use the internet, you may still be able to use these databases. Want to know more about databases?

U.S. History in Context
People, Places, Things, and Events in United States History

World History in Context
People, Places, Things, and Events in World History

Kids InfoBits
Information from magazines, newspapers, and reference books.

Student Resources in Context
Covers biography, history, literature, and science.

Biography Resource Center
An excellent source of biographical information on many historical figures.

Ben's Guide to Government
Information about how the US government works. Organized by grade level.

Black History
The History Channel's interactive website chronicles milestones in the struggle for civil rights.

A history of major holidays celebrated in the US. From The History Channel.

Native Americans
Links to over 100 sites about Native American tribes. From the Multnomah County Library.

Saints and Angels
Lists of Catholic saints, angels, and their stories.