Countries and States - California and the Missions

A database contains information from magazines, newspapers, encyclopedias and reference books. If your teacher asks you not to use the internet, you may still be able to use these databases. Want to know more about databases?
Kids InfoBits
A very kid-friendly source with information from magazines, newspapers, and reference books.
Good for pictures.

History Resource Center - US
Primary documents, secondary sources, and journal articles covering all areas of U.S. history.

California and the Missions
California Missions Resource Center
Includes mission facts, photos, and maps.

South San Francisco Library books and movies on the missions for children or search the catalog for a particular mission name

A searchable site on California history, full of primary sources, including photographs.

Facts and Symbols
The California State Library has gathered these useful tidbits. Do you know our state insect or state flower? Learn them here.

California Missions E-Books
Online copies of the some of the same books we have on the shelf.

Gold Rush - Museum
The Oakland Museum of California tells the story

California Gold Rush
Kidport site covering a variety of Gold Rush topics

South San Francisco
Visit the library's local history page

Stately Knowledge
Facts on all 50 states with links to official state websites.

Map Machine
National Geographic's online atlas.

CIA World Factbook
A comprehensive, up-to-date website with flags, maps, and great information for country reports.

Map Machine
National Geographic's online atlas.